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Development course and present situation of Chinese rolling industry
In 1962, Anshan iron and steel cold rolling plant was built and became the birthplace of cold rolling plate production in China.At that time, the former Soviet union introduced 1700mm and 1200mm single-frame four-roll reversible cold rolling mill, with a designed production capacity of about 3.0×10(5)t/a.

In 1978, Wuhan iron and steel cold rolling plant was built.Wugang cold rolling mill has the first set of 1700mm five-stand tandem cold rolling mill in China. Its process equipment and technology are all imported from Germany to produce cold-rolled coil, hot-galvanized coil and tinplate. The designed capacity is 1.0×106t/a.In 1987, Wuhan iron and steel cold rolling mill also built a color plate production line, so that China's cold rolled sheet production technology has been greatly improved.

Since the end of 1980s, the production of rolled sheet metal in China has developed unprecedentedly.In 1989, Baosteel completed the 2030 cold rolling mill.The factory has built the home of 2030mm five-stand cold tandem rolling mill, the main process equipment and technology introduced from Germany, Japan and the United States, the production of cold-rolled coil and hot-dip galvanized, galvanized, color coated coil, the design capacity is 2.1×10(6)t/a, so that China's cold-rolled sheet production to a new level.

By the end of 2007, more than 40 enterprises in China had built 55 sets of cold-rolled wide strip steel production lines, with an annual production capacity of about 6.0×107t.Among them, there are more than 30 sets of cold rolling units with a capacity of about 5.0×10(7)t.Single stand reversible mill more than 20 sets, capacity 1.0×10(7)t about.

After 40 years of development, our country cold-rolled steel sheet production capacity increased by more than 20 times, production equipment technical level is not the only production of low carbon sheet can produce high carbon steel, alloy steel, high alloy steel, different materials such as stainless steel, and cold rolled sheet steel plate, galvanized sheet, coating, plastic composite sheet and silicon steel sheet and other different types of plates.

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