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Different types of material accumulator
The purpose of material accumulator is material storage.The original tension distribution changes after the plate and strip are separated, leading to different lengths of each strip. In order to ensure the subsequent equipment can work normally, a live set is set for material accumulatorToday I will introduce two types of the accumulators.

 1.Vertical type material accumulator 
Vertical type material accumulator is an important equipment in the automatic pipe producing process,it can store the raw material and provide material to the forming machine without stopping the production line.
Structure:Chanel steel structure,peneumatic feeding and manual screw adjusting.
2.Horizontal type material accumulator
As the same as the  vertical type material accumulator,horizontal type material accumulator is also an important equipment in the automatic pipe producing process,it ca store the raw material. Horizontal is economical compared to vertical accumulator, but takes up a lot of space.

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