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ERW pipe mill and tube mill

ERW ( electric resistance welding) pipe and tube mills also called pipe making machines.They are a range of machines used to product longitudinal /Straight welded tubes and pipes with a certain width of steel strip. In the next moment I will tell you how do the ERW welded mill work. 

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 First process is uncoil, and then flatten the slitted steel into steel strips.Next the flattened steel strips will be inserted into the following machine named forming machine. The usage of the forming machine is roll the strip to round pipe shape by the the roller tolling in the machine. After that the rolled strip will be sent into weld box.The function of the weld box is weld the tube with high frequency solid state welder.The welded tubes will be formed to the different shape or size which you are needed by the sizing machine. Last the tubes will be cut to length and bundled. So that's the brief introduction work process of the ERW welded pipe making mill .

The whole process flow of the pipe  welding machine is shown as below: Feed - uncoil - straighten - shear and buttweld - loop storage - form - HF welder -  anneal - cool - size -cut - output - end bevel - hydraulic test - collect . In different process we need different single machines. If you are interested in our ERW pipe mill. You can contact with us. We will provide you the best service and make you satisfied.


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