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Single stand cold mill system optimization

At present, the continuous cold rolling mill develops rapidly because of its high productivity, but the equipment investment of the continuous cold rolling mill is large, and the rolling range is limited.

Single stand cold rolling mill, relatively, small production scale, equipment one-time investment less, varieties and specifications change quickly and small batch, in the service of personalized user demand, especially some high value-added products, the advantages are significant and irreplaceable.However, single stand mill rolling need to wear a belt, the first time and every time after start - speed - uniform - slow - down unsteady rolling process, which can lead to wear with start, acceleration, swing tail reduction etc transition period is longer, and rolling conditions changing, eventually lead to strip yield is reduced, production is not stable.Because of the research and development of single stand cold rolling mill control system and the attention of engineering practice is obviously insufficient, the head and tail of many steel mills single stand over 300m, the rate of production is so low, the resources are so wasted, how can the enterprise make profits?When a problem arises, study it and solve it!Aiming at the key common quality problems of single stand cold rolling mill, such as thickness accuracy of strip body and strip head and tail deviation, the "brain" of single stand cold rolling mill, namely the two-stage automation system for quality control of strip and plate with high precision, was developed.The main functions of the control system include single frame main command control, hydraulic servo control, automatic thickness - tension control, process control, etc.

Main order control of rolling mill: finish uncoiling control, coiling control, single stand rolling area speed control, automatic speed reduction, belt break protection control. I believe hydraulic servo control: servo nonlinear and zero deviation compensation, positive and negative roller bending force best distribution method, online channeling roller control. I believe thickness - tension control: single frame front and rear tension control, rolling mill AGC control, etc.I believe process control: including high-precision rolling model, model adaptive, multi-objective rolling schedule optimization model based on cost function, etc.

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