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Square and rectangle pipe mill
Square and rectangle pipe mill is the special equipment to produce square and retangle steel pipe directly.This equipment adopts the multipoint bending combined type forming technology.One set of roller automatic adjustment can produce all size of square and rectangle pipe. Compared with the round to square technology,the finished product will have a good appearance, a good angle;share one set of roller,can cut down the cost of the machine,shorten the time of adjusting the mould;decrease the forming resistance,lighten the mould wear,reduce the load of power utlization.

  In the production line of rectangular pipe welding, first, the strip coil shall be prepared and unrolled in the preparation section of the strip, and the head and tail of the strip coil shall be butt welded. It is then fed into the looper, from which the strip is drawn through the unit at a constant speed.The strip is formed into an open tube in the forming unit.Then use the solid high frequency welding it into straight seam welded pipe to eliminate the burr after water cooling, round pipe, square rectangular pipe in the sizing machine sizing shaping.The steel pipe after sizing is straightened in the Turkey head and then sawed to the required length with a flying saw.After the steel pipe is sawed to a fixed length, it is quickly transported from the flying saw by the output roller and pushed onto the bench for testing.This production line meets the production process requirements of square tube, rectangular tube and round tube.

F100 welded pipe unit is a special equipment for the production of straight welded pipe in metallurgy, construction, transportation, machinery, vehicles and other industries.The "W" forming process used in the forming process.The deformation process of this forming mode makes the force more reasonable and the material deformation of each frame of the unit more perfect.

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