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The advantage of the high precision welded pipe forming machine
1. High precision, the jump between the horizontal roller shaft is 0.01, the gap between the frame and the slider is ≤ 0.02, the verticality of the frame is ≤ 0.05, the parallelism of each frame is ≤ 0.1, and the roundness error of the diameter of the produced steel pipe is ≤ 0.08. 
2. Can be scheduled using worm gear worm adjustment, high adjustment accuracy, labor-saving accuracy. 
3. The surface of the horizontal roller is plated with hard chrome, with high surface hardness and good wear resistance. 
4. The movable end bearing adopts the same as the fixed end bearing, and has large bearing capacity. In addition, the bearing of the movable end and the bearing sleeve have axial positioning, which improves the service life of the inner sleeve of the bearing and improves the precision. 
5. The ends of the bearing are sealed with oil seals, the sealing effect is better, and the bearing life is longer. 
6. The horizontal upper shaft increases the nylon damping block, which reduces the impact on the shaft and the bearing. 
7. The scraping locomotive can be adjusted in three dimensions, and the scraper can be rotated ±20° along the circumference of the steel pipe. 
8. The round change square is changed to the Turkish head pusher, which can reduce the weight of the mold when the square is formed, the molding is stable, and the Rangle is uniform.

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