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What is the slitting line?
A slitting line is used to slit steel coils into a plurality of steel strips of a certain width dimension along the length direction.It starts with uncoiling the steel coils into a steep strip. After being flattened, the strip is fed to the rotary shear and slitted into narrower strips and finally recoiled up to coils with smaller width. Slitting line take the cold & hot strip steel as raw material,feeding,uncoiler,leveling,shear and butt welder,then the pinching machine feed to the trimmer,slit the coil to required size,through the tension device to recoil. 

2. Function: 
A slitting line can do uncoiling, slitting and recoiling works. It usually works not only for the steel cutting industry, but more commonly for the pipe making industry. A lot of pipe production lines, longitudinal or spiral weld pipe line, start with a slitting line to produce coils with requested width. Our slitting lines, with delicate and advanced design, can fit various sizes of steel coils and can be easily adjusted to cut coils into needed width. 

3.  Process flow 
Feed – uncoiling – pinching and leveling – rotary shear – scrap reeling – loop – tensioning – coiling - unloading

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