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china ssaw welded pipe industry development

China spiral welded pipe company produce products are diffirent quality. Thus, spiral welded pipes are not to be confused in use. in general,transportation of oil and gas or urban gas are not use spiral welded pipe in abroad,and foreign spirsl welded pipe is Refer to direct submerged arc welding process in manufacturing technique,so the quanlity of spiral welded pipe in molding process and stress relief up to a new level .china have reach a consensus in aspect of spiral welded pipe use of limited at present,it is only used forΙclass region that transporting natural gas  pipeline. Because some misleading information before years,people think spiral welded pipe is the direction of develope.so ,at the short time,from xinjiang to shangai add more 20 spiral welded pipe produce line.infact ,china isn’t suit for develope spiral welded pipe. opposite , technical improvement is important point .The spiral welded pipe produced by non-key enterprises is commonly used in the fields of water transmission and pile driving.


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